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Priscilla Archangel is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker.

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    The 3 C’s to Establishing Tone at the Top

    Team hands together

    Michael left the office early for once. He was on his way home to celebrate the position he had just accepted at a new company. After 25 years of hard work and great personal sacrifice, he finally got the VP position he felt he deserved. He had more than enough experience to step into the role and produce solid wins for his new employer. Everything was moving along smoothly until that night when he got the call from the executive recruiter. There was a problem with background check they just completed. They couldn’t find record of him having completed his MBA. He recognized that when he presented his credentials, he neglected to mention that he was two classes short of graduation, but he felt that his vast experience more than made up for that. Unfortunately for him, his new employer disagreed. The offer was withdrawn, not because he lacked the degree, but because he hadn’t come clean about it.

    Joan was celebrating for a different reason. Her team exceeded their stretch sales target for the fiscal year, a herculean effort on the part of everyone. Her leadership, strategic planning, and ability to pull the group together to find innovative approaches to problems had paid off. This news would be well received by investors and provide her and the team with a significant bonus opportunity. The president called and asked her to stop by his office. As she walked down the hall to see him, she imagined his congratulatory words. She might even get a promotion! But when she opened the door and saw a somber look on his face, and the HR VP already present, she knew the message was going to be very different. Someone had reported a few irregularities in Joan’s sales tactics. She had simply taken a bit of interpretive license in several guidelines, just a gray area that didn’t hurt anyone. But the president didn’t see it as a minor issue. And he dismissed her on the spot for her lack of integrity. Continue reading

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    Pull Those Weeds

    One of the things I enjoy about the spring and summer months is driving down the street of my neighborhood and seeing the beautifully landscaped lawns.Just the right placement of bushes, trees, flowers, ground cover, mulch, pavers, and other lawn décor to complement the homes, sets a pleasant environment as I pass by.As often as possible, I also like to go walking in the neighborhood.This gets me closer to nature as I look at the various landscaping designs, but it often provides a surprise as well.

    As I approach on foot what appears to be a wonderfully manicured lawn, I begin to see that what originally appeared to be a plant is instead a weed! In fact there are weeds growing in the flowerbeds, around the bushes and in the lawn.I’m appalled that the homeowners have let their lawn become so marred by these unsightly weeds.Surely they see them! Why don’t they make it a priority to pull them?How long could it take to simply spray weed killer on them?

    As I’m finishing my walk, still shaking my head about several of the lawns that need care and attention, I approach my own home.Hmm…what’s that plant sticking up in the middle of my nicely shaped bushes?Oh my! It’s a weed! Let me pull it!Twenty minutes later, I’m still pulling weeds because once I pull the first one I see another, and another and another. I find myself walking around bushes that I don’t typically get close to, and there are all sorts of small, medium and large weeds growing.I couldn’t see them from the street or from the car as I drove into the garage.I might have just pulled some a week ago, but with recent rains they’ve had more than enough time to grow again.I sadly realize that my lawn looks just as bad as my neighbors’ lawns that I criticized.

    My husband is always trying (unsuccessfully) to figure out how to permanently stop the weeds from growing. We alternate between removing them ourselves and paying someone to do it; between pulling them by hand and spraying them with weed killer. There’s never a break, we have to constantly stay on top of this chore or they’ll get out of hand.

    As I’m pulling weeds I’m reminded how much they are like life. You can get all dressed up in your finest clothes, and from a distance your hair, makeup and nails may look just perfect.People might look at you in awe as a result of something that you’ve accomplished, but if you’re not pulling your weeds, you may not want people to get too close to you.They might see your heavy makeup trying to cover the flaws in your complexion, your slip hanging, the missing button on your jacket, and the run in your stockings; signs of trouble in your life. They might see that your smile is plastered on your strained face; signs of trouble in your spirit.You may look great from afar, but if others get too close they might see that you’ve failed to keep the weeds out of your life.

    Weeds are pesky little things…

    ….They’re little negative actions that left unchecked begin to grow into regular bad habits.An occasional curse word under your breath when you’re rea­lly upset, turns into a convenient expression to use frequently.

    ….They’re the little white lie you told your boss, your stockholders, or the press, and then you had to keep lying to cover up the first lie; and now your character is shattered.

    ….They’re the things you neglect to do because you’re tired, like spending time with God, or respecting your spouse’s needs.You don’t notice the difference at first, but after a while you realize that your attitude has changed, and not for the better.

    ….They’re the foods you eat because they taste sooo good, even though you know they’re not good for you, and they exacerbate your health problems….but you haven’t learned to control your appetite, physically or emotionally.

    ….They’re the unnecessary cluttered papers and dust in the corners of your home or office that resemble the cluttered people in the corners of your life.They cause you to lose focus on God’s purpose.

    I planted a vegetable garden last summer for the first time in my life.It was just a small 4X4′ raised box, but I found that I had to go out almost every day and “tend” my garden.I had to pull weeds; “harvest” the ripe tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers, pull any dead leaves, make sure the rabbits and squirrels weren’t getting into it, and of course keep it well watered.It only took about 10 minutes, but it was a peaceful time, and that small commitment of time enabled my garden to grow bountiful fruit.

    In the same way, as I properly tend my life, keep an eye out for the weeds when they’re little and remove them quickly, the positive gifts from God will have room to develop and grow in my life. A wonderful array of His Fruit will be on display for all to see God’s glory in me.

    Copyright 2011 Priscilla Archangel

    Photo courtesy of IStockPhoto

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