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Priscilla Archangel is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker.

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    The Spark That Ignited a Firestorm


    Caine was a nine year old boy trying to keep himself busy during summer vacation. He spent his days with his father who owned a used auto parts store. The store had a lot of empty boxes in the back room, so Caine had an idea.  He began creating arcade games out of the empty boxes and setting them up in the front of the store. Not just one game, but many games, intricate games. There was just one problem.  Because most of his father’s customers purchased via the internet, there wasn’t much walk-in traffic, and no one was interested in playing his games. Until one day, Nirvan Mullick walked into the store looking for a part for his car.  He was Caine’s first customer, and he thought Caine was really bright. So Nirvan had an idea to bring a lot of customers to Caine’s arcade. He created a flashmob event that brought hundreds of people to that small store. And Nirvan’s small gesture was a spark that ignited a firestorm and changed Caine’s young life, and along with the lives of many other children and adults.

    Caine's Arcade

    It turned into a Global Cardboard Challenge with over 270 Events in 41 countries, celebrating creativity and community around the world, while raising funds for various causes. Watch the videos to find out what happened and how a seemingly chance meeting sparked a firestorm.

    Then think about these leadership lessons from a nine year old boy. In fact, are you a better leader than a nine year old?

    • You’re never too young to develop and use your gift.
    •  Follow your passion.  Find your magic moment, your spark. That’s where your leadership will shine.
    • The best gifts serve others. How are you serving others with your gift?
    • Success in leadership doesn’t happen solely based on your own actions. You must walk with others in your leadership journey.
    • Don’t sell yourself short. Even when it doesn’t look like much, things can change quickly.
    • If you build it will they really come? Maybe not, but maybe so. But even if they don’t, there’s a lesson in the process alone.
    • Never discourage creativity, even when it doesn’t look like reality. Instead provide encouragement in constructive ways.
    • Always be ready for your big break. You never know what opportunity is right around the corner.
    • One simple idea may be more powerful than you could ever imagine.



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