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Priscilla Archangel is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker.

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    LeaderVantage: Seven Fundamentals to Transform Your Leadership

    Read more about these Seven Fundamentals in her February 2020 blog post.

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    Faith Centered Leadership emphasizes faith in your performance, faith in your position, faith in your people, faith in your purpose and faith in your potential. Finally, it’s important to have faith that God has placed you in a leadership role to do good.

    Faith Centered Leadership - Priscilla Archangel

    The Call to Faith Centered Leadership
    Transformational Lessons for Leaders in Challenging Times With 90 brief leadership development lessons from the Bible. It is a thought provoking and compelling daily reading guide that provides leaders with practical application of scripture for everyday life, and supports their spiritual growth.

    • Provides principles for effective leadership designed to help leaders win in their work.
    • Provides wisdom and direction in periods of uncertainty and instability.

    $19.95 + S&H

    Faith Centered Leadership Speaking Topics

    The Birth of God’s Purpose for You

    God has entrusted something significant to you for development and fulfillment. His best for you is impossible by your human abilities. His best for you plays a larger role in accomplishing His will upon the earth. His most significant purposes are accomplished by those whom He chooses as leaders.

    God’s Transformation

    God can transform people and situations from hopeless to hopeful. He can take the worst business situation and turn it inside out and upside down to become successful. He can take the most antagonistic relationships and transform them into interactions of mutual respect and cooperation. He can maneuver around circumstances to accomplish things we’ve never dreamed of.

    Above All, Get Wisdom and You’ll be Above All

    When God promotes, He equips for the role. God’s wisdom is far greater than man can imagine. When leaders seek Him, exercise discipline to resist the popular trends of the times, and operate in His wisdom, then He is glorified. Leaders operating in the full wisdom of God reflect the power of God. Leaders operating in the full wisdom of God reflect the will of God. Leaders operating in the full wisdom of God reflect His blessing onto their people and their organizations.

    Faith Centered Leadership Workshops

    Priscilla Archangel will customize a workshop to providing principles to support the values, decisions, and behaviors of successful leaders, and teach you how to integrate them into your personal leadership style, team or organizational setting.

    Faith Centered Leadership - Priscilla Archangel



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