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    God – The Revealer of Secrets

    Imagine going about your daily routine, when suddenly you have a visitation. Now you may not believe in visitations, but you don’t know what else to call it when suddenly a man appears in front of you. His appearance is unlike any you’ve ever seen. It’s indescribable, as if he’s glowing inside and out. When he opens his mouth to speak, the sound of his voice is melodic yet strong. There’s something intimate about the way that he extends himself to you, yet you’ve never seen anyone like him. As awestruck as you are, you’re not afraid. In fact, you’re spellbound, as you stand there transfixed by his gaze.

    He opens his mouth, calls you by name, and reaches out his hand to you. You are drawn to him as you respond with your outstretched hand, and he beckons you to sit with him. He then proceeds to speak to you, ever so sweetly, telling you about your future; the things you will accomplish, the people you will meet, the experiences you will have.  His words are spell-binding. What he’s saying is so different from your current reality, that you almost can’t comprehend it. He points with his finger into the distance, and as if on cue, your visual field is filled with images of your future. You can see yourself doing the things he said you would do. Like watching a movie, you can see yourself in ways and places that are new and different to you.


    As the vision fades, you turn back to look into his eyes again, to ask him what all of this means. But just as suddenly as he appeared, he vanishes. You’re left there, alone but not lonely, because your spirit is filled with the words he spoke to you. Your mind is filled with the visions he gave you. Your heart is filled with the warmth he left you. But what does it all mean? He shared with you a deep understanding of your future that you never dreamed of. This mesmerizing man just shared a secret with you; your own personal secret that was for you and about you.

    You sit there for what seems like forever, replaying the vision over and over again in your mind. As time passes, the vision becomes more and more real to you. Fearing that no one will believe you, you decide to share this secret only with one or two of your most trusted friends; friends who will come as close as anyone to understanding; friends who will hold you accountable to moving toward it.

    Most of the secrets we share or know are about a person’s past or present. They’re regarded as juicy bits of gossip, generally negative in tone, because the really positive news is often shared openly. But secrets about someone’s future are more difficult to understand or ascertain. Generally, they are a prophetic word; simply put, telling the future. They’re not for everyone to know because not everyone can handle them, not everyone is poised to receive them. Some secrets are meant to stay hidden, others are meant to be revealed at a set time. The fact that this information is a secret speaks volumes about its power. That power can be used for good or for ill, to enlighten and uncover, reveal and release.

    God is a revealer of secrets. He has information about our future.  His secrets are not kept from us, they are kept for us. God, the revealer of secrets prepares the moment so that we will be ready and able to handle the secret He has for us. When we’re ready to receive it, He will reveal it and begin to show us  what to do with that information.

    God uses angels and mankind to reveal His secrets. Thousands of years ago, an angel appeared to a young virgin whose name was Mary, and told her a secret about her future, that she would become the mother of Jesus. Though she wondered how it all would come about, the angel assured her that with God, nothing was impossible. Mary accepted the secret about her future, and said “let it be to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38 NKJV) Only Joseph, her fiancé, and Elizabeth, her cousin seemed to have any inkling of this marvelous truth.

    Daniel called God the revealer of secrets because God used Daniel to reveal to Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon the content and meaning of his dream. At that time he was one of the bright young Israelites, held captive in service to the king. Yet God chose someone of low stature in man’s eyes, to foretell the future to a man of high stature.

    Today, leaders still want to know secrets about their future. They guess, speculate, negotiate, and leverage the future based on their knowledge of the past and present. They plan, strategize, predict and communicate the future based on previous experience and current circumstances.  Their stakeholders demand that they meet future performance targets, and so they try to understand and control their secret future.

    Your future may be a secret from others, but it’s a secret for you. Knowledge of your future secret enables you to act with confidence, like someone pointing the way forward to you. You gain this knowledge by asking the revealer of secrets about your future. You spend time with Him, believe in His great power, believe that whatever He says, no matter how different it may be from where you are now, He can bring it to pass. If you feel stuck right now, not knowing where to turn or what to do with your future, wondering where you’re going and what God wants you to do, know that He’s the revealer of secrets.  He knows your future and wants to reveal it to you at the appointed time when you’re ready to receive it. So seek God, the revealer of secrets.

    Copyright 2011 Priscilla Archangel

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