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    Four Underlying Motivations to Good Decisions

    Pat arrived at the office early. She hadn’t slept well the night before because she was wrestling with an important decision that needed to be made in her Executive Committee meeting that morning. They had been evaluating the development and launch of a new product for the past six months. Today they needed to make a final decision on whether they were going to move forward. The discussions had been thorough yet difficult with wide ranging opinions on what they should do. There was significant risk associated with the launch, but the potential reward could be a greatly improved market share. As CEO, she needed everyone to make a full commitment to the decision, and while the objective analysis appeared to lead the team to adopt it, a number of other issues had arisen, and there was a LOT of debate. Continue reading

    What to Do When You Don’t Have A Dream Team

    Leaders spend a great deal of time focusing on building strong teams, selecting the right people with critical skill sets, managing diversity of thought and matching complementary strengths. They structure their organizations based on the capabilities needed to accomplish organizational objectives and optimize opportunities to control as many variables as possible to ensure a cohesive team.

    But what happens when you don’t get to pick? What happens when you’re assigned to work with a group of people and must determine how to best work together to accomplish a goal? This frequently occurs when you are part of a team with a shorter life span, sporadic interaction or representing diverse and distant stakeholders. Thus, the ability to craft the members of the team and spend time in team building is reduced. For example, you’re: Continue reading

    Prides, Herds and Teams: The Value of Working Together

    How well can you accomplish your goals by working alone?

    Scrolling through my newsfeed recently, I came across an intense video of animals in the bush, fighting for survival.

    In it, a herd of 20 to 30 buffalo rounded the bend in the path, their hooves thundering on the well-worn dusty ground as they approached their watering hole. Suddenly they stopped in their tracks, the blowing dust settling around them. They came face to face with a pride of lionesses, 6 or 7 of them, hungry and looking for their next meal. The fact that one buffalo was more than twice their size was unimportant to the lionesses. These large mammals are typical prey for the pride, as they had hungry cubs and several male lions to feed. Their goal was to isolate one animal from the others, then pounce as a group, using their powerful jaws to deliver a decisive strike to the throat, and thereby suffocate the buffalo.

    The standoff began with each group eyeing one another. The buffalo knew this routine and they knew they had strength in numbers. Several buffalo at the front of the herd took turns rushing forward a few yards to butt the lionesses, more of an offensive measure than really trying to jump on them. The lionesses responded in kind, crouching, half pouncing, looking for an angle to get in between a lone buffalo and the rest of the herd.

    The buffalo could only survive by working as a team. Similarly, the pride of lionesses’ only hope of finding dinner was to operate as a team. On this day, the buffalo won. Their supportive strategy worked, and they made it safely to their watering hole.  Continue reading

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