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John Maxwell Team Certified Member

Priscilla Archangel is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker.

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    With 30 years of experience coaching professionals, managers and business leaders in a variety of settings, Priscilla provides one-on-one coaching to support your unique needs. The coaching relationship focuses on helping the you accomplish your dreams and desires, clarify your values and replace self-limiting talk with self-affirming dialogue.  Priscilla offers practical solutions for real challenges, along with insightful and candid feedback.

    Her clients find her to be perceptive and insightful in helping them to discover the root cause of issues. Her goal is to motivate business leaders to peak performance based on understanding their purpose, values and beliefs. Each conversation will be results-oriented and confidential.  Typical topics may include:

     – Quickly and effectively transitioning into a new organization.
    –  Developing more effective leadership behaviors.
    –  Building a stronger team or organization.
    –  Discovering and pursuing your purpose.
    –  Overcoming challenges and disappointments and moving toward greatness.
    –  Developing effective people strategies to support business objectives.

    To schedule a free sample coaching session, please complete the form below and she will contact you shortly.

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